Human-centred design that makes a difference
How to improve the transition from
hospital to home?
Researching and prototyping for an app that will help families
to have a safer transition to home
How to become an eel?
Designing from the sensory experience of animals
to create empathy on humans through technology
Design thinking
Research, ideation and prototyping in 3 recent projects in the Netherlands
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Facilitation and mediation at museums and art projects in Spain
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Films, exhibitions, an editorial project, and a podcast.
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About me
I am a Spanish product & service designer based in Amsterdam since 2016. My background combines digital media, education, and research. My passion is learning and a human-centered approach is in everything I do.

I learnt to think creatively as an entrepreneur in the cultural sector, and working for global organisations I learned to channel this creativity into the impact I am pursuing.
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Why work with me?
Design & prototyping
Figma, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Miro.
System thinking
Because systemic problems require analysis and systemic solutions.
Adaptative mindset
Years of freelancing made me a flexible, fast learner.
Project management
Experience in waterfall and SCRUM methodologies.
Experience as a main point of contact for clients, and pitching of concepts in startup events and media markets.
Openness to give and receive feedback, and experience working with remote teams.
What do they say about me?
He has been a great team member who has responded to all manner of client challenges in a cool, calm and unflappable way and his patience and perseverance on the [name of client] project blew me away.
Liz Stanley. Global Head of Delivery, Walking the Talk
Dani is able to give a hint of professional, artistic and sales-oriented focus. Personal wise I can't say but good things: quiet, hard-worker, always trying to help others, absolutely proactive and always cutting edge in his work.
Rafael Romero, co-founder of
Dani showed his commitment every day of the six years he worked for us.
Ana Jiménez, head of exhibitions at La Virreina, ICUB
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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